A career in cosmetology can be personally, professionally and financially rewarding. There’s no greater feeling than making a living doing something that you absolutely love, while simultaneously helping people to feel their most beautiful and like the best version of themselves.

While the bar for entry into the cosmetology field isn’t too terribly high, it’s not without some roadblocks and common pitfalls. To help you have a successful career, here are some tips about cosmetology to keep in mind.

Some Schools Are Superior, but Connections Always Give You A Boost

Cosmetology schools have different specialties and reputations. At any salon, you’ll meet an equal split of people who were educated through programs at their local community colleges or independent schools. With that being said, it’s true that there are some elite cosmetology schools in the world that can give you a huge jumpstart in your career. However, these schools aren’t necessary for success. The industry connections you make through jobs and apprenticeships are what really matter.

You can create an online following through Instagram. This can help local potential customers follow you and contact you when they want your coloring or styling services. You can join photography groups and trade make-up and hair in photoshoots. You can then use their photos to boost your portfolio and hopefully get called back in the future for paid gigs.

Finding The Right Place

You’ll need to work in a salon for a few years after graduation to get your feet wet, but it’s chair rentals where stylists can actually make money and build their resumes. When you work for a salon, you’re paid by the salon and usually receive an hourly wage. When you rent a chair in a salon, you pay the salon a flat rate per month, but keep all income from your services and product sales.  If you want to start your own salon you can rent a salon space and supply your own hair salon shampoo chairs, and be in charge of your own hours.

Be Passionate About What You Do

Sadly, some people get into the cosmetology field not because they love it, but because they don’t want to go to a traditional university and just want a job that doesn’t require standard schooling. These people typically don’t last very long in the industry. Instead, the industry favors people who are truly passionate about the art of cutting and styling hair.


These days it’s easier than it’s been in the past to connect artists to people who love their craft. Like in any business, networking is important. You will want to make sure your visual product is seen on visual mediums. This is why you should make an Insta account showcasing your work. This could mean anything from showing dramatic dyes and haircuts, to wedding makeup looks or reviewing looks made with new popular eyeshadow palettes. People will be looking for hashtags and looks with whatever trends are popular. You will be able to stay in the consciousness of your clientele, and you can have people contact you personally for booking for private events.

You can also network with local wedding dress shops to make sure you get booked for MUAH for wedding shoots or commercial shoots. You can e-mail art directors in your area with your rate card so they have your information if they make local campaigns.


If you want to be a successful stylist, it’s important that you stay passionate about what it is that you do. Attend seminars, industry events and never stop learning and growing. This is an exciting field in which to work and you should take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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