Turning a part-time or temporary position into a full-time job takes work, dedication and commitment. You can strengthen your chances of going full-time by following these tips to nudge your superiors and navigate the transition.

Distinguish Yourself

Specializing your skill set sets you apart from other part-time employees and makes you a more attractive candidate for full-time work. Instead of being a “jack of all trades,” cater your skillset to what your company needs to achieve its goals. If you are a generalist, develop a special area of expertise to distinguish yourself and make your resume more competitive.

Be Proactive

If your part-time position doesn’t present many opportunities for going above and beyond, ask for them. Your boss won’t know that you want and are capable of handling more responsibilities if you don’t make your desire to contribute known. Asking for additional responsibilities shows initiative and your dedication to growing with the company. Be proactive with the responsibilities you do have to prove you are an asset to the company and an important part of the team. When it comes time to make hiring decisions, your boss will remember your proven drive to go above and beyond.

Network with Your Coworkers

Networking is often something that is thought of outside of your current position, but if you want to make the move from part-time or temporary to full-time work, it is important to network with your own coworkers. Get to know the people in staffing offices, your department and other departments who may help you in your pursuit. Be friendly, take interest in their work and remember that networking is a two-way street. To build real relationships, consider how you may help others. These relationships may pay off when it comes time for hiring, and your coworkers are more likely to vouch for you if you’ve taken an interest in them and their lives.

Be Positive

While it is helpful to acknowledge that you are seeking full-time employment, don’t sulk around the office while in your part-time position. Maintaining a positive attitude now will show your commitment to the company and your value as a team player. Remain upbeat and let your attitude set you apart from other candidates.

These tips will help push you toward full-time work, but remember that making the switch is often a long game. Your company may not have open positions at the moment, but don’t let that stop you from being positive, building relationships and being proactive on the job. Your attitude and work will be remembered when hiring time comes around again.

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