When you were single, child-free, and decades younger, you likely treated yourself without too much questioning or at least more than you do now. With the many responsibilities of adulthood, planning and booking pleasurable experiences can induce guilt. Fortunately, many ways exist to spend a little bit of extra money on yourself without negatively affecting your loved ones.

Check Your Credit Card Rewards

If you don’t have a credit card that offers rewards, now is certainly the time to procure one. Credit card reward programs vary, but some of them will offer you cash, gift certificates to stores or spas, points toward air travel or money toward a meal at a restaurant. See what rewards you currently have available for you. You might get a dinner at your favorite eatery or services at the local spa for a reduced cost or without any cost at all.

Review Your Insurance Policies

Before you start dipping into your checking account for money to fund this endeavor, see if you aren’t using any of your current insurance benefits. For example, if you’ve wanted to renovate part of your property after a major storm damaged it, see what homeowner’s insurance will cover. In the event that your car was scraped in a hit-and-run situation, speak with your car insurance provider about finally getting that automotive paint customization to cover the damage.

Go on off Days

Perhaps you’d like to indulge a big tub of popcorn and a movie, or maybe you want to venture out on a little two-day trip to a cozy hotel in the country. Planning these experiences for peak times, such as weekends and school vacations, is likely to introduce you to some higher prices. Use one or two of your vacation days at work for a mid-week reset. You may very well find that prices are lower during these times.

Save for Later

If you typically spend a few dollars a day on coffee before work, put that money into a separate account for the next couple of months. Then, you can take those funds and use them to splurge on a bigger item or experience. This approach works well with your goals because it is not as though you are taking out extra money from the family’s account. You are simply using funds that you would spend anyway in a different fashion.

When concerns arise about hindering your family due to your splurging habits, you should absolutely stop and examine your approaches. However, you also don’t have to punish yourself and never treat yourself either.