Marketing managers will spend weeks at a time coming up with innovative new ideas for promoting a business. While finding the newest, most creative methods can put you ahead of your competition; sometimes the old ways are still the best.

Take a trade show as a great example. If you’re hoping to build connections and get noticed, then a trade event could work in your favor, helping to bring you a great return on investment for your efforts. 

While trade shows can be great, you’ll only get results if you work hard to pull it off. Make sure you stand a greater chance of success with these pointers on turning heads at your trade event.

Plan what you’re going to do

To make an impact at a trade event, you’re going to need a solid plan. If your plan is to simply turn up and see what happens, you could end up very disappointed. You need a solid objective behind your trade stand presence to help make sure you get something measurable from it. Whether it’s creating new leads, making some sales or gathering data through a survey, it’s important that you think in advance about what you want to achieve. Take a look at some of the top reasons to attend a trade show to help you decide what you’re going to get out of yours.

Design a great stand

The trade shows are usually formed of the good, the bad and the ugly – yes, we’re talking stands. Trade stands that have a stand-out design will attract the eye of passersby and give you a great location for engaging with your customers. 

There are different ways you can brand your trade stand. You could choose to have bright and colorful banners to draw attention, while teardrop banners from can also help you to get noticed. Digital elements are also popular for a sleek appearance.

Whatever options you choose, make sure they’re bright and eye-catching to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Draw attention

When people see some buzz around a trade stand, they’re drawn to it. To help you speak to as many people as possible, you’re going to need to draw some attention to your stand. From playing music to talking on a mic about you’re business and what you’re offering, there are loads of great ways of attracting attention. Avoid the temptation to sit down all day or hide behind a desk, interaction is the main reason why you’re there. 

Bring some great handouts

People love handouts at a trade show. Choosing the right giveaways can give you a great excuse to start a conversation with someone while offering something they can use later on like a USB stick, pens, etc. can help provide a good reminder of your business should they need your services at a later date. If you want to enjoy trade show success, then handouts could help you achieve it. 

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to some flashy handouts, remember that edible treats also work well. Providing a coffee or some water alongside a cupcake or a muffin can be an excellent way to draw people in so that you can talk to them and hopefully make a connection.

Be a part of the program

As well as exhibiting on a stand, you should consider finding a slot to become a part of the program. Being part of a panel, for example, gives you the chance to get seen and show off your expertise in your area. If you’ve got something amazing to offer and a strong presentation, then this could bring further value to your trade show appearance and help you build some brand recognition for your business. Be sure to hang around for a bit after your slot, armed with some business cards to help you develop some new connections.

Bring your best sales staff

Trade shows involve a lot of talking and interacting with people. To make sure you don’t waste the opportunity, you need to bring your best sales staff along with you. Set some trade show rules for your employees to help them get out there and talk to people instead of each other. Having enthusiastic, people-centric employees with you will make a day at a trade show a breeze and hopefully produce some great results for your business.

Trade shows can have many benefits for your business. If you’re looking for new ways of marketing your business, then it’s certainly an avenue to explore. While there can be a lot of investment required to make your trade show appearance possible, the results can be worth it when you put the effort in. Take a look at trade events taking place near you and work out how you can make them work for your business.