Weddings might often be based on tradition, but there’s no reason why your big day should conform to those standards. Your wedding day is one of the few in your life that should revolve around you. Putting your own stamp on the celebrations is part of the fun, but, when everyone seems to be doing the same things, it isn’t easy. Thankfully, just a few special details can make your wedding as unique as you. With that in mind, here are six ways to personalize your big day. 

Wear A Colorful Dress

Most wedding dresses you see are white, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. If you aren’t a fan of the color or want your dress to stand out, then there are plenty of others that you could choose from. You can even ask that the guests and bridesmaids wear white to create a contrast. Many wedding boutiques are also happy to alter a dress to include color if you ask them to. 

Switch The Wedding Car

Although traditional wedding cars look stylish, they aren’t to everyone’s tastes. To make a grand entrance and wow your guests, you should look into other wedding transportation options or something like this party bus in Bakersfield California if you’re in that area. Some people opt for limousines, while others pick quirkier options, like school buses and fire trucks. When a bride or groom is traveling by themselves, motorcycles are another unique idea. 

Include Your Loved Ones

Weddings are as much a celebration of family as they are a declaration of love. Because of this, you might wish to include a few of your closest friends and relatives in the ceremony. You can ask loved ones to be bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, and more. Some couples even ask a loved one to perform the service. If you have pets at home, you could bring them along too. 

Pick The Band Carefully

Music is an incredibly important element of a wedding, especially the reception. You don’t want your guests getting bored, after all. The trouble is, with everything else that needs planning, many couples pick whatever wedding band they find first. Instead of doing the same, you should check out this website. There you will be able to browse a range of groups and pick out your favorite.

Mix Up The Schedule

Many wedding ceremonies are held in the afternoon. This is because it gives guests plenty of time to get ready and means that the meal eaten at the reception is served around dinner time. However, if you and your partner are early risers, then you might want to move things forward. Alternatively, night owls could plan their ceremony to be held at night under the stars. 

Create Your Own Rings

A wedding ring is unlike any other piece of jewelry a person wears. After all, if everything goes to plan, you’ll never have to take your ring off again. This is why you must make sure that you pick a band you genuinely love. If you can’t find this ring at a jeweler, then consider making your own. By doing so, you would ensure that no one else has the same wedding ring you do. 

With the ideas above, you can ensure that your wedding day is all about you.