If you own or manage a business, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions to keep you, your employees and your commercial property safe. Ensuring a safe working environment can help your business stay profitable while protecting you from potential liabilities and legal consequences. Following this guide will be a great way to keep your business secure.

Install State-of-the-Art Security Cameras

You’ll want the best security cameras to monitor the activities on your commercial property grounds. Many of the top cameras on the market come with features like night vision, motion sensors and audio. Cameras should be placed at entries and exits and in other areas that require close monitoring.

Reinforce Network Security

Danger can also be lurking online, and implementing the right security measures for your company’s network can keep all data safe. Encrypting hard drives, limiting network access and using password managers are among the best security measures to take. It’s also important to have reliable software programs in place that can remove computer viruses and other potential threats to your network.

Have Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios allow employees to communicate better with one another. Better communication will be especially important if an accident or another mishap occurs on your property and someone needs to call for help. A Motorola radio for your business that lets people communicate with one another with the push of a button will be especially good to have.

Install Security Doors

Security doors do a better job of keeping intruders out than standard doors. Steel and other highly durable materials are used to make many of these types of doors to give them extra reinforcement. Some security doors also include shatterproof glass so that you can see anyone who’s trying to enter.

Implement Access Control

Access control allows you to monitor who comes onto your property or is allowed to enter certain rooms. Keycards can be installed to give access only to people who have certain badges or know certain codes. Door buzzer systems make it possible for someone inside a room to authorize another person to enter by pushing a button to unlock a door. A parking gate can also help keep your vehicle parking area more secure.

Giving your business the security upgrades that it needs for maximum safety can benefit you in many ways. Addressing the security needs in all areas of your business will go a long way in the survival of your company.