Skincare is big business, and rightfully so. Although there are many people who are happy to refute the claims on the package of any skincare brand. There are so many options, dry skin, combination, flaky… there is a big list of skin issues already, and that is just your face. If you are looking to get tattoos or piercing any time soon, make sure you are cleaning the area very well, and speak to your artist about tattoo gel in advance. 

It gets difficult to determine what you actually need and what is just another fad. Here are some tips for getting those concerns under control and making the most of any products that you choose to use. 

Skin Type

Over the years, your skin type will change. In fact, it can happen in a matter of months depending on what you’re eating, drinking, sun exposure and stress levels. When you start to understand your skin type, you will be better equipped to tend to its needs. There might be something that sets of acne, or red irritation and inflammation – if you know your trigger, you can begin to avoid it or only have it in small doses. The skin type you will most often hear about is oily, dry, combination or sensitive. But you can have combinations like oily and sensitive. For extra tips on finding your skin type check this article

Layer It Up

No cream can manage your skin alone. Unless you have been blessed with particularly happy, clean skin. Even then, you’ll want to maintain it. The general rule of thumb is that you apply the lightweight formulas first so that your skin can soak them in. Follow with your thicker creams. Leave around 5 minutes for each layer to soak in so that you can avoid piling. 

Less Is More

Not only is skincare expensive, but millions of us are just putting way too much on our skin. If you aren’t careful with what you add, you might end up clogging your pores, and your skin won’t even be able to absorb it all either – so it is a big waste. A rough size guide is:

  • Cleaners is a raspberry sized amount
  • Moisturizer, night cream, oils all a blueberry sized amount
  • Eye cream a pomegranate seed
  • Retinols and serums two pomegranate seed size
  • Sunscreen a cheery sized amount

Piercings & Tattoo

You artist or piercings will give you all the information you need to take care of the area properly, but sometimes it goes wrong anyway. You should make sure that you are cleaning it as required, and for tattoos ask how you can keep the skin soft and supple. 

Throw It Out

If it is out of date, it does not belong on your face. Just because something cost you over 15 dollars or pounds does not mean you should keep it. Out of date, ingredients can do more damage than you think. There is a little jar that has a number on it, that number is the number of months you should have that product open and usable for.