If you’ve been on trips around the country with your brood, you may feel like a pro when it comes to traveling, however, going abroad is a completely different kettle of fish. To ensure you’re fully prepared and ready for your jet setting adventure, here are 5 essential tips for your first holiday abroad.


If you’re known for holidaying solely in the UK, you may not realize the costs involved in going somewhere abroad. Before you even book your trip, it’s important to establish a budget first which can outline how much your flights, accommodation, and getting from A to B will cost. You should also factor in day to day expenses whilst you’re away. Whether you are looking for the cheapest holidays from Edinburgh or seeking affordable options from other locations, careful financial planning is crucial. If you need some extra cash to help with funding your holiday, you may want to consider visiting SimplePersonalLoans homepage where you can find out more about personal loans and how they may benefit you.

Update Your Passport

If you haven’t got a valid passport, you won’t be getting past Dover! Whether you’re traveling by car, Eurostar, or plane, you will need to have at least six months of validity left, so getting your passport sorted sooner rather than later is important, especially as the application process from start to finish can take up to 6 weeks. 

Research Your Destination

No matter where you’re off to in the world, doing a bit of research into your destination can always help. Having an idea of the weather forecast, public transport links, as well as activities and excursions you can do as a family can help. When it comes to booking accommodation, there are websites like Trivago which enables you to compare options, helping to save you money. Being in the know and even learning some of the local languages can really help. 

What to Pack

Knowing what to pack for your family holiday is crucial. There are various factors to take into consideration, such as how many people are going with you, how long you’re going for, as well as what the weather forecast will be like. If you’re going on a skiing adventure with the kids, packing your thermals to stay comfortable and warm is essential, whereas if you’re off for a week in the sun, packing light and airy clothing is advised. Try and stick to the essentials if you can, rather than trying to cram your whole wardrobe into your suitcase!

Stay Safe

Going somewhere new not only be an exciting experience but a scary one too. No matter where you go in the world, it’s only natural that your main priority will be to keep your nearest and dearest safe. Even if you’re heading to a major city, pick-pockets can strike, so make sure to put all your personal and valuable belongings in zipped up, inside pockets. If you notice anything suspicious or have any general queries, don’t hesitate to contact the local authorities.

Going on a family holiday should be something to look forward to, rather than dread. Make sure that you all have an up to date passport before you fly, research into your destination, know what to pack for your trip, as well as setting a budget that can help you control your money better.