During a kitchen remodel, you’re going to be confined to small cooking spaces for a decent period of time. While waiting for that dream kitchen or plumbing repair to be completed, the area you have to work with is going to be tight.

In this article, we’ll give you four ways to use your temporarily limited kitchen space until the work is complete.

Get Rid of Unused Appliances and Gadgets


Most of our countertops are filled with appliances and gadgets that we rarely use. Now is not the time to keep them on display.

Find a place in a closet or your basement and store them away until the remodel is complete. Chances are, you may find you don’t need them anyway and can sell them for some extra cash to help cover the cost of the renovation.


Streamline Your Pots, Pans and Dinnerware


Most cupboards and cabinets are filled with items that we rarely, if ever use. If you’re like most of us, you probably use the same few pots and pans every night and the rest are taking up space.

Get a few big boxes and store away cooking and eating items that won’t be needed for a while. You’ll save space and headaches.


Cook Simple Meals


Now isn’t the time to break out grandma’s old Sunday recipes or take on that 17 ingredient meal with 22 steps from start to finish.

For now, focus on simple meals that you can whip up without much space or hassle. A simple taco salad won’t require much more than a pan and a cutting board.

Or, throw a chicken in the oven with some potatoes and enjoy homemade cooking without using much space or creating a big mess.


Don’t Be Afraid to Order In


Maybe you’re not the type to typically order in or go out to eat. During a kitchen remodel, don’t be afraid to “cheat” a little.

Cooking is enough work when you have a fully functional kitchen. When in the middle of a remodel, it might be more than you want to take on.


You’ve been dreaming about creating your perfect kitchen for a long time. It’s finally almost here.

During the process, utilize these four tips to help get your through the process as painlessly as possible.

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