If you are planning a wedding, you will be looking to provide some form of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. The entertainment normally sets the mood and atmosphere for wedding receptions and even at some ceremonies, so you don’t want to get it wrong.

Theme and Dress-Code

When deciding on what entertainment to hire, consider the theme of the wedding as well as the dress-code. Formal occasions will require formal attire and suitable entertainment. Will you be providing background music only? Will there be speeches? Will you want an acoustic music player, singer or a DJ to keep the dancefloor occupied? 

Most vendors, such as Party Shirt Music, can offer all the above and tailor quotes based on your entertainment needs and even include lighting and a PA sound system in the cost. 

Remember to communicate what your requirements will be with the entertainer beforehand – you will need to inform them on what type of music you prefer if you have a playlist of songs you would like played and any other information pertaining to the entertainment on the day.

Setting the Mood

If you have not yet thought about entertainment or what your needs may be, consider writing down how you would like the ceremony to start and end. Then, note what will happen between the ceremony and reception and lastly what kind of reception entertainment would you prefer.

If you are not a fan of loud music or you are hosting an intimate gathering to celebrate your wedding day, you will still need some form of background music. Would you just like café music in the background, classic music or a musician playing a solo instrument?

Piano, guitar, and harp players are all fabulous ways to keep guests entertained while they are seated at the ceremony. These musicians can also move to the reception venue and play while canapes and drinks are being served.

If you plan on hiring a DJ, it is a good idea to investigate what lighting options will accompany the music. Lighting and smoke machines can add a fun element to the reception if you want your guests to have a party they will never forget. 

Sound Requirements

If the venue does not provide a PA system and microphone, you may need to hire one. Speak to an entertainment vendor about the system requirements needed at the venue so that there is no last-minute rush setting up the sound system. 

Entertainment vendors will also be able to provide you with a sound system, speakers or computer system if you choose only to have background music played that does not have to be managed.

Some venues do not allow DJs and loud music depending on their aesthetic and location. If you do require a DJ and sound equipment for the reception, remember to speak to the venue about what they allow in terms of music and cut-off times. Many venues have very specific instructions for the DJ which must be adhered to. 

If you do opt for a DJ at your reception, ask each guest on the wedding invitation to recommend a song they would like to hear at your wedding. This is a great crowd pleaser!