Summer is one of those interesting times of the year around the office. It is hot, muggy and people would rather be spending quality time at the beach than in the office. In fact, a nice game of golf sounds good even to an overworked executive who would not mind catching a few rays with a colleague or two. Something that summer does bring to the office though is a change in air quality. For this reason, it is important to take notice of issues that reduce the quality of air that employees have to breathe.


The number one offender on everyone’s allergy list is the pollen that people react to during the spring and summer months. Yet, it might be shocking to learn that some people actually take Bee pollen, pine pollen and other types of pollen as supplements. Unfortunately, because so many people react to pollen, it can be a major reason for low quality air inside the office during the summer which business owners need to address. This is one reason why good air filtration is a must to keep employees healthy and allergy free at work: so that they can perform better.

Increased Pollution

Another problem during the summer is that air quality in the office can be affected by increased amounts of pollution. The days being longer and filled with sunlight can lead to stable, stagnant air that collects pollutants. This can be really bad for offices located in the heart of a large city where air pollution is higher. Keeping office windows closed and kicking up the AC can help to keep much of this stagnating pollution outside, but even changing indoor filters and adding air filtering plants to the office environment can be a nice way to keep pollution out of indoor air too.

More Dirt and Dander

It did not seem like a bad idea at first, but allowing employees to bring pets to work in the summer is not a good policy around the office. Pets carry in dirt on their feet, shed hair and they bring dander into the office too. This can make things really rough for those employees who are highly sensitive to pet dander. To avoid these problems, it is really best to tell employees to keep their pets at home. In fact, the deep cleaning services of the NYC commercial office cleaning company might be required to get rid of the accumulation of dirt and dander that is already lingering in the office and contributing to lower air quality.

Increased Spread of Germs

It may not be obvious that germs are spreading at an increased rate in the summer, but there is good reason for why this is the case. Simply consider that allergies in the summer are worse for most people, and this means a lot of coughing, sneezing and sniffling taking place inside an enclosed office building. While it is good to wipe down surfaces and handles, it is even more important to encourage employees to consume more vitamin C. This is a cheap way to keep the entire office population healthy, and more business owners would see the benefits if they provided vitamin C for their employees to take often throughout the day.

The air quality of the office is doing well. Employees are not getting sick, not missing as much work and they even appear to be performing better too. This is good news for the company’s bottom line, and it has the executives thinking that more needs to be done to ensure that employees remain in tip top shape to encourage the present trend to continue.