If you are thinking about moving an elderly parent or relative into your home, then you will need to consider ways to make your home more accessible so they can live comfortably and safely. With this in mind, here are some tips on adapting your home for an elderly family member. 

Build a granny flat 

A granny flat in part of a property that is made into self-contained accommodation that is suitable for an elderly family member. Building a granny flat has a number of great benefits. Firstly, it provides a safe and secure living space for your elderly relative nearby, while allowing them to retain their privacy and independence.

Having a granny flat can also increase the value of your property – according to maxablespace.com a granny flat brings a return on investment of around 70 percent. Finally, a granny flat can be rented out to generate a consistent additional income when not being used by a family member. Bibo Build offer a wide range of stylish granny flats that come with full installation, or you can choose to have your granny flat arrive flat packed so that you can construct it yourself. 

Add stair assistance 

Steps are a common cause of trips, falls, and injuries among elderly people. Many people struggle to get up and down stairs when they get older, so you should consider adding stair aids to assist elderly family members. If your relative is unable to get up and down the stairs safely, then you could install a stair lift. This will provide elderly family members with the freedom to move around your home comfortably and safely. You could also consider adding a handrail or ramp to assist elderly relatives with steps and stairs in your home.

Modify your bathroom 

Bathrooms are another common cause of injuries among the elderly. Make sure you modify the bathroom your elderly family member will be using to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Here are some simple ways to create a more senior-friendly bathroom: 

  • Install an elevated toilet seat with armrests to assist your elderly relative when getting on and off the toilet. You should also consider installing an extractor fan to reduce the amount of moisture in the bathroom during and after use.  
  • Add anti-slip mats throughout the bathroom area to reduce the risk of slips and falls.
  • Provide a shower seat to make washing more safe and comfortable. 
  • Install a walk-in shower as stepping into a bathtub can be extremely difficult for elderly people and can lead to falls and injuries. 
  • Make sure the bathroom has sufficient lighting, especially near the toilet, sink, and shower

Install bed rails 

Elderly people often struggle to get in and out of bed safely. Adjustable bed rails are fantastic devices that can be used to help elderly get in and out of bed, move around while in bed, and reduce the risk of falls. They allow seniors to maintain their independence as they go about their usual morning and evening routines with minimal help.