Do you feel the cold more than others? If you don’t want to spend a fortune heating your home, hot water bottles are there to help you out. With so many different types of hot water bottles out there, there has never been so much choice in getting yourself warm and cozy. In fact, it can be hard to know what hot water bottle to purchase. The main thing that you need to remember before you choose a bottle is what you want to use it for. Is it used for a bit of extra warmth, or do you need it to soothe pain or aches? Here are a few ways to update your hot water bottle in time for winter. 

Go Eco-Friendly

We are all aware of the pressures our environment is facing, so it is worth looking for an eco-friendly hot water bottle. You can now purchase hot water bottles that are free from rubber and that are made up of recycled and renewable materials. They tend to be harder to the touch, but once they have been warmed up with hot water, they will soften up just like the PVC hot bottles we know and love. 

Add Some Fragrance

You could purchase a hot water bottle that has been infused with relaxing scents of pure essential oils. Once the hot water has been added, a delicate scent is released, adding to the comfort and relaxation this bottle offers. There are a number of different scents available.

Upgrade Your Cover

Having a designer cover can make your hot water bottle even cozier to cuddle and makes it look great. It can also help retain its heat for longer and make it more comfortable to hold close to you, as it stops the heat from being too intense. There are a number of designer hot water bottle covers available to purchase online. 

Customize Your Cover

If you prefer a more personalized look, then you can get yourself a customized hot water bottle cover. You can add a picture of a pet or loved one, the name of someone who brings you comfort, or an important date. Whatever you decide, cuddling up to a hot water bottle that displays something you love or care about can make a simple moment into something a little more special. 

Does Size Matter?

Most of us are only aware of the traditional hot water bottle shape and size, however, there are so many different shapes and sizes available. If you want a bottle to soothe body aches and pain, then you can get hot water bottles that are smaller and easier to keep in the area that is causing you discomfort. If you want one to keep you warm at night, you can purchase a long hot water bottle that will keep your whole body warm. 

When it comes to updating your hot water bottle, there are many options available. From designer covers to relaxing aromas, there is a huge variety of things you can do to upgrade your hot water bottle experience to be more comfortable and relaxing.