Is there ever a good time to be out on the roads? We all know that winter driving can be hazardous, mainly thanks to decreased visibility and treacherous weather conditions, but the summer can bring it’s own dangers too.

Car accident statistics suggest summer is actually the worst time for driving, so as you’re out on the highways and byways this year, perhaps road-tripping it or driving to the beach, you do need to take care. We will list two of the dangers awaiting you below, so read them, heed them, and make every effort to avoid them.

Driving Danger #1: Road Rage

Road rage is a problem throughout the year, but it’s particularly problematic in the summer. With congested traffic and hot temperatures, the chances of people getting angry behind the wheel are high. You might be prone to anger yourself, and even if you’re not, you might face the heated wrath of another driver.

Tip: Take precautionary measures, perhaps by driving during a time of day when the roads are at their quietest. If you start to get angry when you’re driving, open your windows to literally and metaphorically cool yourself down and/or pull over when it is safe to do so to take a breather.

If another driver gets angry with you, ignore them, and providing they aren’t giving chase, pull over or slow down to let them carry on their merry (furious) way away from you. Check out these other tips on dealing with road rage for your safety and the safety of other road users. 

Driving Danger #2: Increased traffic

As we suggested above, you are going to see a rise in traffic on the roads, with vacationers and day-trippers all jostling for their place on the highway. You have the added dangers of tourists unfamiliar with the roads they are traveling on, an increase in teen drivers now that school is out, and added motorbikes and bicycles on the roads as people take time to enjoy the lovely weather. With an increase in traffic, there is an increased risk of an accident.

Tip: If there is no need for you to take to the roads, then don’t. Take part in summer activities that are close to home, and leave your car on the driveway. Alternatively, consider taking the roads less traveled; venturing onto the roads that are less likely to be congested by other road users.

Consider driving at night or during the early morning if you’re off on vacation, as the roads should be quieter. And in all circumstances, focus on safe driving, so you aren’t the instigator of an accident. 

Other tips

  1. Make sure your car is maintained and serviced before hitting the roads. The safer your car is to drive, the safer you will be.
  2. In the event of an accident, make sure you are fully insured before you travel anywhere. This will minimize the financial costs should you do get involved in an accident. 
  3. Remember to seek legal help if you are injured in an accident. Top law firms, such as The Derrick Law Firm injury attorneys will act on your behalf and will ensure you get the compensation owed to you. 


Make safety your #1 priority this summer by following our tips. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy the season, whether you’re staying close to home or traveling far and wide. 

Take care, and thanks for reading.