Factories, more than any other commercial facilities, need to be kept cool and well ventilated, and yet, some businesses fail to understand the need for doing so. Read on to discover why this can be a big mistake.

Why and How Should You Keep Your Factory Cool?

Manufacturing units are, by definition, where things are made, which involves operating machinery that emits tremendous amounts of thermal energy on a continuous basis. Unless proper, commercial ventilation and cooling systems are used, it might become physically impossible or extremely hazardous for the workers to work under such conditions. It would even be appropriate to consider it inhumane working conditions when such factory units are not kept cool.

Additionally, it’s a health code violation as well, so it’s technically illegal for any factory authority to not provide their workers with proper ventilation and cooling, as long as the facility needs it for maintaining minimum health standards. Check out the benefits of factory HVAC control systems on the official Integrated Air Systems page to know more about how such systems also improve the actual productivity in any manufacturing facility, and not just the working conditions.

Do Not Ignore the Heating Aspects Either

If you had noticed, we mentioned HVAC control systems for factories, which does more than just cooling. In order to keep it comfortable throughout the year, factories also need to be equipped with central heating, which is why commercial HVAC systems are installed instead of just industrial air-conditioners.

During winter, the UK can become a very cold place, which slows down the internal production capacities of a factory’s workforce due to natural reasons. In order to keep them in proper health and to expect the necessary amount of work from them, the authorities need to keep things warm and cozy inside the factory during winter months as well.

Ventilation is Always a Priority

In case proper fume extraction systems are not in place, you are not just endangering the health and safety of your workers, you are also directly in violation of the UK government’s factory health codes. The HVAC systems can cool down or heat up the factory to make it more comfortable, but without proper extraction, processing, and ventilation of the toxic fumes, it would endanger the lives of everyone inside.

Toxic fumes are not always instantly lethal, so your employees could be breathing in acid fumes for years before they start showing symptoms of the toxicity in their lungs and blood. In case they are complaining about the air quality, do not ignore their complaints and get your ventilation checked out immediately.

Keeping the factory cool, cozy and comfortable is about being a responsible and compliant business owner, who actually cares about the people working for them. However, it’s also about giving the workers an opportunity to shine their brightest, by keeping them healthy and comfortable all year round. It’s an initial investment for sure, but an investment that’s worth every penny, due to the alternative, which is more commonly seen in developing economies!

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