Visual and audio-based content is everywhere – we know.

And it’s becoming ever more fashionable but – guess what?  That doesn’t mean text-based content is irrelevant – or there’s no longer any demand for it.

Quite the opposite: in fact, if you want to have a really successful online marketing strategy, you should still use it – a lot.  And, just like that quintessential little white dress – it’s definitely on trend this summer – and for the foreseeable future!

Why is text-based content important?

Because your readers will always want information – it’s as simple as that.  Text-based content, in the form of articles and blog posts, for example, delivers real value – that goes beyond the visual.  And complements it beautifully…

What are the current trends?

When we said you should use a lot of text-based content, we meant it – quite literally – because one of the biggest trends is ‘long-form’.

That might sound contradictory in the age of tweets, texts, and supposedly short attention spans – but it’s true. 

Google, as well as your customers or readers, are looking for helpful articles that address real issues in an original manner.  And the best way to do that is to provide in-depth information that’s informative and interesting and, well…lengthy!. Providing strong long-form content boosts the authority of your brand, or blog, its online presence – and your SEO rankings. 

What is the ideal content length?

That’s really up for debate and, in truth, it can vary.  Articles that are between 300 – 500 words still have real value, but true long-form content goes above 1000.  The best solution is to have a mixture of both – but never pad out articles just for the sake of making them longer.  

Try to produce really informative pieces – that are thoroughly researched – or offer an original opinion.  And answer your readers’ questions – which moves us on to our next topic…

Make your text voice friendly

How do you do that and why – you might ask.  Well, it’s quite straightforward. Devices empowered by voice search are currently transforming content marketing – so you need to factor that into your writing. Over time, this will only increase as people speak more and more queries – rather than typing them.  So make your content responsive to that – consider the kinds of questions they would ask and then use appropriate keywords.

Mixing things up ensures online success

The important thing to remember is to mix things up – so always stay current and responsive to trends.  You still need to maintain – and increase – your presence on video channels and via social media. But the key is to offer your content in lots of different ways – with access across all of your sites. Then you’re sure to get yourself seen – and, of course, show your readers you’re still ‘up to date’

Being responsive and adaptable is the main thing; which brings us on to the next subject – how will you host all of this…?

How do you choose the right content management system? 

With all of this emphasis on flexibility – you need to identify a content management system which matches that.  And, if you run a small company, or you’ve just started a blogging business, for example – it needs to be user-friendly.

No business owner should have to employ someone to update their content, after all – that wouldn’t be cost-effective.  And, if you’re a blogger, you want to get on with sharing views and expressing your creativity. Not be constrained by complicated or outdated systems.

Your sites need to look beautiful too, don’t they – and a good CMS, with up to date ‘themes’ can achieve that.  It should also offer you flexibility and adaptability – to add the right tools and plugins, for example. And you’ll want to identify the best WordPress hosting – to help you meet all those important objectives.

Most importantly, investing in a good CMS will help future proof your online presence – with all of the flexible options it provides.  And it’s crucial in online marketing to stay ahead of the curve – and always be ready to adapt.

We hope this post has given you something to think about – when you’re considering all the current content options. Text is still very much on-trend in our eyes – and it will be for the foreseeable future.  It’s all about balance – and making sure you’re responsive. And then, just like well thought out content itself – your business will never be out of fashion.

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