Opening a clothes store can be a big challenge but can also be a wonderful project for your fashion business this year. If you have based your business online thus far in your career, taking the step to retail can be a wonderful way to grow your empire this year. 

To make your store stand out from the rest it is important for you to take some time out to decorate it to the max, and today we will be looking at some of the methods you can use to do so. Here are some of the ways that you can decorate your store this year to make it stand out and look professional. 

1. Keep colors consistent

The first way to ensure that your clothing store looks great all year long is to choose a color palette which is neutral and consistent, which only needs to be updated once in a while when a new trend comes out. A great choice for a color scheme would be something such as white and grey because throughout the year you will be able to add seasonal colors to the store to create a theme which fits. A consistent color scheme is also the key to branding and can ensure that your customers will always recognize the style of your store even when you have multiple branches. 

2. Add green 

A key to making a successful fashion store is to lure people in and make them want to stay in the store for a long period of time. Adding homely elements to a store can be a wonderful way for you to entice people inside and it will ensure that they want to stay for a long while even after they have found what they are looking for. Plants are a wonderful way to add a simple touch of color to the store as well as a feeling of calm and serenity which makes it a great place to be. 

3. Create space

As well as adding homely touches, the key to a great design is to use commercial clothing racks and make sure you have lots of walking space. When opening a store it in tempting for you to stuff as many products into the room as you can but this isn’t always the best case. People will want the ability to roam and take their time looking at items, and the last thing they will want is to feel cramped up.

4. Make it seasonal 

The seasons play a bigger part in the fashion industry than any other and the mood you create in-store will have a huge impact on who comes into the store to look at your clothes. These are the colors you will want to bring into the space at different times of the year: 

  • Spring – pastels, pink, yellow, green 
  • Summer – bright yellow, orange, blue, green 
  • Autumn – red, green, gold, copper, brown 
  • Winter – white, gold, silver, blue, red 

The seasons can make a big impact on your sales so make sure that you make the most of it! 

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