Energy efficiency is a popular trend right now thanks to record high levels of interest in making changes to promote sustainability with the goal of better protecting our environment. The main goal of energy efficiency is to make changes within your household to lower the amount of energy you use without having to sacrifice any modern amenities. So, what are four energy efficient improvements that you can make or actions that you can take in your home this summer to save energy?

  • Install EnergyStar Rated Appliances
  • Get an Air Conditioning Tune Up
  • Install LED Lights
  • Raise the Thermostat

Install EnergyStar Rated Appliances


Appliances drain a ton of energy doing common tasks that we often take for granted. To help reduce this energy consumption, consider installing EnergyStar rated appliances in your home. These appliances are certified to use far less energy than other appliances while still being able to perform the task that it was designed to do.


Get an Air Conditioning Tune Up


One of the biggest energy consumers in a home during the summer is an air conditioning unit. This unit will consume an especially high value of energy if it is running with faulty components or with clogged filters. An AC repair company will be able to both fix any issues that may be occurring with your unit and replace any filters that may be clogged and keeping you from getting the most out of the air conditioner.


Install LED Lights


LED lights actually serve multiple purposes in your home. First, they provide a higher quality light than traditional bulbs. Additionally, LED’s use far less energy. In fact, LED’s are so cost effective that many can see a return on their initial investment in less than one year.


Raise the Thermostat


Another big energy consumer in the summer months is a central cooling system. This is because it is usually working around the clock. By raising your thermostat just a few degrees, your central cooling system will not have to work as hard thus saving your energy. Because the temperature differential between the outside and the inside of your home is still quite different, you will still be comfortable.


Energy efficiency upgrades not only save a ton of energy but they also can save consumers money. The combination of environmentally friendliness and cost savings make all of these upgrades a great choice for all homeowners.