When you become a business owner, one of the most important features of your new business plan should be how to market yourself. Being able to promote yourself to new customers and mark yourself out as a real competitor should be your priority. The most effective way of doing that is to create a marketing strategy that compliments your business’ image and industry. 


One easy way to endear yourself to both your peers and new customers is to put faces to the name of your company. Doing so will help potential customers know and understand who founded your business, who runs the day-to-day mechanics of your company and what they look like. It’s also a good idea to get general professional photos of your products and business premises. Not having this could hinder your ability to promote yourself successfully. One of the best ways to tailor the photography to your business is by using personal branding photography.

Social media

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to market your own business successfully without using social media. Social media allows you to engage with both core audiences and other businesses all on the same platform. It’s also budget-friendly, in the sense that there is no obligation to pay for most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Social media sites will always contain an element of the hosts branding, and their functionality will guide you. However, by creating your own website, it’s up to you to decide how it looks and functions. When you do create your business website, be sure to check that it is accessible to every kind of visitor. Don’t overload your pages with jargon or make it only appealing to those in your sector; your website should be a promotional tool as well as an informative one. 

Know your audience

In order to market effectively, you cannot aim in the dark. By researching who your core audience is, you can use marketing methods far more effectively. You should ask yourself who your key customers are, what their values are, and what they could gain from your business. By knowing who will want your product, you can tailor every platform to their needs and win their custom. 

Create valuable content

Whether you create a blog, an online video, or Instagram stories, valuable content will help spread the word about your business. Keeping your core audience entertained is a great way of creating organic reach. Before you put together a blog or film a video, ask yourself what you are capable of: are you a better writer than a television presenter? Do you have the budget to create a well-produced video? Before you start putting content out into the ether, ensure that it is of a high standard and that your business is known for all the right reasons.

All marketing efforts should begin with knowledge. By setting yourself up with a fundamental understanding of who is buying your products or communicating with your company, you will give yourself the upper-hand. 

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