Modern businesses operate in a highly competitive environment. Not only do they have to win out against companies in their local area, but increasingly must offer something better than their international competitors too. 

Companies, therefore, need highly trained employees who can deliver quality products and services, a great customer experience, and innovate on a fundamental level. Of course, firms may not find the people that they need at a price that they can afford, and so it often pays to train the employees that they already have to perform better in their roles. 

Training, unfortunately, opens up a whole new set of problems. Not only are traditional training options expensive, but they are also tricky to administer and deliver. You have to consult with an external training company, arrange dates for them to come to your offices, (or you travel to them), and manage it so that there are still people serving your customers on your premises. It’s a logistical nightmare. 

Learning management systems, however, take a lot of the hassle out of business training. All you do is select a course that you’d like your employees to do, and then the LMS will deliver the entire thing for you. 

In the infographic below, you can browse the top 20 best value for money learning management systems currently available on the market. With these learning systems, your business can finally cut the cost of training and update staff skills in a way that doesn’t make you want to pull out your hair in frustration. Take a look below. 

Infographic by eLearning Industry Best 20 Value for Money LMS Software for Small Businesses

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