If you’ve been putting off that home organization project, you probably already know that a clean, organized home has many benefits. However, you may not be aware that getting your home in order can put extra money in your pocket. Here are four surprising financial benefits of organizing your home.

Keep the Doctor Bills Away

Medical costs can be outrageous, and the health and safety hazards of a messy, disorganized home are numerous. Objects left lying around create a risk for falls, and small objects are a choking hazard for children and pets. Disorganized homes also collect dust and hair, which are major triggers for allergies and asthma. Organizing your home can eliminate these risks and save you money on doctor visits and hospital stays.

Uncover Buried Treasures

Your messy home may be hiding a treasure trove of valuables you didn’t know you had. Things that your family no longer uses, such as movies, games, electronics and name brand clothing, can be sold online for extra spending money. You can sell gold jewelry, collectible coins and other items made from precious metals for cash at a pawn shop.

Find something that no one wants to buy? If you can’t sell the things you unearth, you can always donate them to charity so they can become a treasure for someone else.

Find, Don’t Replace

Do you have a new suitcase, winter coat or travel adapter on your shopping list because you misplaced your old one? Instead of hitting the sale rack, spend a weekend organizing your home to locate the things you already have. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars by finding needed items in your home instead of purchasing new ones.

Avoid Home Repairs

Clutter can lead to damage and costly repairs. Piles of junk on the floor, in closets or in drawers can grow mold that spreads to the surface underneath, which can result in the replacement of carpets, floorboards and cabinets. Forgotten chemicals in garages, kitchens and bathrooms create a risk of explosions or fires that can destroy your home. Organizing these items can avert disaster and avoid unnecessary repair bills.

Has the prospect of extra cash convinced you to get your house organized? There’s no time like the present to get started, but don’t get overwhelmed. Schedule some weekend time for your organization project, and tackle one room at a time. Soon you will be packing away boxes in your closet and dollar bills in your wallet.