Air conditioning is one of the greatest developments in home comfort. Anyone who’s had to endure a system breakdown during a heat wave can attest to the value of this essential system. Whether you’ve been without your AC or not, you are probably very interested in doing whatever you need to do to keep it running when the mercury is rising outside. These four tips will help you out.

Change the Filters

You have probably heard this again and again, but it is still good advice. Excessive dust on air conditioning filters not only spreads allergens throughout the house, it also makes the system work harder. The fan is under extra stress, leading to decreased performance and higher electric bills. Follow manufacturer recommendations for cleaning and replacing all filters.

Address Small Problems

The worst thing about a small problem with your air conditioning is that it can turn into a big problem. For example, companies like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. know that any issue with your system’s performance should be taken care of before it puts extra stress on other components that also end up failing, snowballing your system into a big repair bill. If something just doesn’t seem right, call for service.

Get Annual Inspections

Speaking of service, it is very helpful to have your system checked out each year. The technician can find those small problems we’re talking about, as well as doing a deeper cleaning that will improve energy efficiency and home cleanliness. Be sure to schedule the visit well ahead of hot weather so that you can get quicker service.

Check for Simple Problems First

If your system goes down, it may not be the catastrophe that you fear it is. Often a simple part like a capacitor has failed, keeping the system from properly powering up. If you have some basic mechanical knowledge and know proper electrical safety habits, you may be able to check for simple issues that can often be fixed before a technician could even arrive. However, DIY work can void your warranty, so make sure that you don’t do anything to a system that still has coverage.

Air conditioning is an essential feature of any home in temperate or hot climates. Because it is such a complex system with many interacting parts, it takes a lot of attention to keep your AC in top condition. With these basic steps, you’ll be doing all you can to get peak performance from your system in even the hottest weather.