If you are thinking about changing the décor of your home, you will be faced with an array of choices. Fresh décor can completely change the atmosphere of your home and can add to the value of your home investment. Here are 3 strategies to help you begin to form a coherent plan for your decorating project.

Consider Your Floor Plan

Creating a floor plan can provide a “whole picture” of your room, complete with features that you will have to consider in your design, such as built-ins, windows, doorways and traffic flow patterns. These details can help you to create a more integrated look for your rooms. Get a tape measure and map out the length and width of the room, noting any special features that help to define its shape and use. Then, make a few copies of your floor plan to allow you to experiment with furniture and other items.

Choose an Appealing Color Palette

Colors and hues can go in and out of fashion, but in the end, you will be the one who will be living with your color choice. Choose tones that lighten your spirit and give you a sense of enjoyment. Optimally, your choice of colors should carry from room to room, in some respect, to provide continuity throughout the house. This can vary from small details that are added in each room or larger components, such as rugs or upholstery, that allow the eye to flow naturally from one interior space to another.

Take Your Time with Lighting

Good lighting can add a design element to rooms, by highlighting individual features or illuminating hidden areas in corners and niches. Today, you will find many different types of lighting options. Take the time to research your choices and how lighting can be used. This information can help to choose fixtures that not only match your décor style, but also provide additional interest and warmth to your rooms. Natural light is the best kind of lighting and can help you not only add a pleasant quality to rooms, but also save on your electric bills.

Decorating rooms attractively takes a bit of artistry, an understanding of basic principles and a significant amount of time in research. If you allow your tastes and instincts to guide your decisions, you can create a pleasing design that will transform your rooms. These 3 items can help you make effective initial steps for your decorating plan whether you’re looking at homes for sale or refreshing a much-loved home.