Working parents all face the same situation: Who will take care of their kids before they are old enough to start school? Many families have relatives or trusted babysitters to handle the need, but for many more, day care is the solution.

Because day care takes the place of parental care at home, you should have high expectations for your day care provider. Meeting those expectations is a tall order, but you can see which day cares will fulfill them with the right information and attitude. Here are some keys to seeing what Day Care services will exceed expectations.

Maintaining High Standards of Cleanliness

An important concern is that your child might be in an unclean environment, leading to sickness or just general unhappiness. A successful day care makes a priority of clean surroundings for their children, in terms of both clutter and actual dirt. Of course, a day care can’t have surgical-level cleanness with a dozen toddlers running around, but you can expect to see that they will at least start the day in a clean environment.

Providing Opportunities

Is there any more treasured memory from school than field trips? How about guest speakers? While kids at home have a great time interacting with family, they don’t get the opportunity to have special guests like a nurse, or even a magician. They may not have the chance to join other kids on a visit to a fire station or for a day at the park. A great day care should schedule events that make the most of the children’s days.

Supporting Social Interaction

Many children who stay at home with family do so alone, with no other kids around. An only child may rarely interact with anyone of the same age. The day care setting provides a distinct advantage here. Children in day care have the chance to be around other children that are near their own age, fostering social interaction that can go a long way toward a strong start in school later on. A day care’s job is to keep that interaction positive and effective.

Keeping Kids Safe

Finally, you should ensure the highest possible standards for safety in your children’s day care. They should work to keep fire exits clear and ensure that smoke detectors are in working order. There should be foolproof systems for confirming that children are being picked up by the correct person, and hazards such as cleaning products and hot kitchen items should be carefully monitored.

Day care can be a wonderful way for kids to learn the routine of school while you and/or your spouse get a chance to build a better future through their jobs. It is possible for them to exceed your expectations for day care if you check for these accommodations and policies.