Keeping your kids safe on the internet is a challenge for every parent. There are so many ways that they can be exposed to less than desirable content. Here are just a few of the fail safes that you should have in place to help keep your kids safe while surfing the internet.

Centralize It

Having your electronic devices centralized will limit the ability of your kids to get online without you knowing about it. This allows you to keep better tabs on what’s going on in your household. Another bonus is that they’re less likely to look at questionable things if they know that you’re in the room. For younger children, you can observe right away if something that they’re seeing is causing them to become upset. You also have the ability to check each devices’ history at the end of the day.

Set Time Limits

Too much screen time isn’t good for anyone. Limiting the amount of screen time that your child has each day may contribute to them becoming healthier individuals. It’s recommended that screen time be avoided at least one hour before bedtime. This is because of the thought that the brightness of the screen could be impacting your melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that enables you to fall asleep quickly at night.

Parental Controls

Good internet providers offer parents the feature of being able to set rating limits and website restrictions on users. Some of these filters will allow you to even filter website content based on the appearance of certain language or pictures. The age of your child should be taken into consideration when designing the filter. Some parents decide to have a text alert sent to their phones if certain content is being viewed by their children. This opens up the option for you to have a conversation about it.

Foster Dialogue

Keeping the lines of communication open with your kids is crucial to keeping them safe. Talking about what they saw or discussing possible future scenarios can help to prepare your kids. If they feel safe and comfortable speaking to you, they’re less likely to experience a problem when they come across something. Empower your kids to make good decisions by setting a good example. Fostering their self-esteem will also help you to keep them safe.

It can be scary to think about your kids being unprotected on the internet. Use these tips so that you can prepare them in this connected world.