Getting ready to welcome a new child to the family is an exciting time for all. However, preparations should include a careful inspection of your home, along with completing any needed repairs or updates. Here are a few extra things to consider while anticipating the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Prepare Pets to Welcome the New Family Member

Although many parents carefully and thoughtfully introduce their pets to a new baby, typically, more is needed to acquaint dogs or cats with an infant. In addition to good behavior that does not include snapping, growling, scratching, or biting, pets should be taught to respect the baby’s area, or territory. An especially cuddly pet could inadvertently snuggle closely to a baby, allowing the shedding of fur to cling to the child’s clothing or body and perhaps cause nasal congestion.

Secure the Steps and Stairwells

Even though it will be several months before a baby can scoot or crawl on its own, it is wise to plan ahead and safeguard a mobile infant from climbing or falling down the steps. Install safety gates before the little one gets too active to help prevent unexpected falls and injuries. Check all staircases, even those used less frequently, such as steps leading to the attic, the basement, or even outdoors to the front porch or back deck. Once babies become physically active, they are eager to explore and will boldly tackle almost any stairs to make new discoveries.

Clean the Household Airflow

You may want to buy an air purifier to clear toxins from the home’s airflow. It might be a good idea to have the vents professionally cleaned as well. Clean air facilitates breathing and helps to reduce the risk of airborne allergies and asthma. Removing dust, debris, and pet or human dander will make the air fresher and healthier for everyone, especially a newborn.

Have the Utility Equipment Inspected

Whether your home is heated by gas, propane, electric, or another method, it is a good idea to have the equipment inspected and serviced before the baby arrives. You will soon be very busy changing diapers and preparing feedings, and you don’t need a furnace to go out unexpectedly or the water tank to rupture. Schedule checkups on all major appliances and electrical services to ensure everything is working properly.

A new baby brings joy to every home. Make your living space safe, healthy, and welcoming by following recommendations like these.