Before you pop the locks, start the car and hit the accelerator, you might want to take a few safety concerns into serious consideration. It’s quick to ignore some of these safety measures but entirely unsafe. It’s the responsibility of an excellent driver to keep the car, its passengers, cargo and themselves safe. So, let’s dig in.


Check the Tires


Flat and punctured tires are an inconvenience that can be avoided by routine examination before driving off. Make it a habit of regularly topping up the air in your tires to maintain maximum air pressure. Your mechanic will often recommend topping up air pressure in Nissan tires every fortnight or every time you pass by the gas station to refuel the vehicle. If the tire becomes flat, change it with an inflated one and get the flat one repaired.


Adjust the Driver’s Seat


The driver’s seat is designed to adjust to suitable levels and positions to accommodate the person driving the car. Depending on your size and height, you might want to push the seat forward so that you are closer to the steering wheel if you are short. The aim is to seat in a position that’s comfortable and allows you to see the road and its surroundings with no struggle. Experts advise that everyone should sit at least ten inches away from the steering wheel.


Position the Mirrors Correctly


The mirrors in and on your car are essential for your safety, other road users and pedestrians. Once you adjust your seat into a comfortable position, be sure to point the mirrors into a position you can see the environment. Your mirrors should give you a clear view of what’s situated behind you and on both sides of the vehicle.


Buckle Up


The seat belt rule applies to every occupant in the vehicle. The driver should be the lead role when it comes to applying this rule. Every time you are in the driver’s seat, always buckle your seat belt before getting on the road. In the case of an accident, your seat belt holds on to you tightly reducing the risk of serious injuries and death significantly. Failure to buckle up may lead you into trouble with the law, whether or not you cause an accident.


These four habits will take you a long way into keeping you, your passengers and car safe. It only takes five minutes a day to make wise decisions that make a difference.

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