School’s out for summer, and you are probably starting to wonder how you will keep your kids occupied and off of their devices. Left to their own “devices,” most kids would spend the entire summer indoors, spending each passing day touching screens and pressing buttons. While there are benefits to technology, there are so many exciting outdoor activities that will make your kids’ summer unforgettable.

Build a Tree House

If you have a weekend free, some simple tree houses can be built in a day or two. There are countless resources available on how to go about it; plans range from simple designs to complex forts built for royalty. Not only will your kids enjoy helping you construct it, but it will serve as their base for outdoor fun and imaginary play for many summers to come. It’s a timeless project that every kid should have the chance to enjoy.

Make Mud Pies

All you need is dirt and water. Perhaps you remember making mud pies as a kid; you left your creations out on the sidewalk to dry before coming in for a snack, covered in black streaks from head to toe. Mud pies are simple and inexpensive to make; all it takes is a little imagination to turn this activity into a favorite pastime. Along with this activity, your kids will enjoy running through the sprinkler.

Go on a Picnic

Whether it’s in the park or your backyard, your kids will enjoy packing a yummy lunch and eating it under a lovely shade tree. There’s nothing like devouring fresh fruits and veggies from the season’s harvest while taking in nature. This activity allows all of you to disconnect from your devices for a while and take in the moment. Let the kids help you prepare and pack the lunch, so they get experience with cooking and meal preparation. You may find this to be one of the summer’s most enjoyable activities.

Go Coin Shooting

Metal detecting is all about the thrill of the hunt. Head out in your backyard or to a place that allows metal detectors and go looking for coins with your kids. You may not strike gold, but you might find a few interesting objects. You can help your kids sell rare coins; they will have a great sense of accomplishment knowing that they found something of value. Even if you don’t find anything, it’s still a fun way to spend the afternoon.