For business owners, much of their time and attention is spent looking to the future, strategizing for the months ahead, ensuring that the outlook is bright, and making plans to grow and develop the business. However, as beneficial – not to mention crucial – as this future-focus is, sometimes, it’s important to pause and assess how your business is functioning right now.

By far the best way of assessing your business’ current state is with an audit, which should ideally be conducted every six months. Your audit should look to:

  • Examine the existing structures within a specific area of the company and how they are performing
  • Identify any areas where improvements could be made
  • Check to see if there are innovations or tools that may improve the functioning of that specific area of the business

In a perfect world, you would be able to find the time to audit your entire business, but such a measure tends to be a little too time-consuming for most businesses. As a result, focusing on the most important areas is usually the best choice, with the following particularly useful when seeking the best possible insight into the well-being of your company…

#1 – Outgoings

While most business owners will focus on the price of each expense individually, it’s all too easy to lose track of your business outgoings as an overall total. It’s therefore worth going through your combined outgoings and seeing if there is anything you can do to reduce the total; working with a financial advisor can help to simplify this process and identify any potential savings.

#2 – Sales

Sales are, of course, essential to the well-being of your company, so it’s worth collecting existing sales data – including employee performance information – and ensuring everything is performing as you expect. If things are struggling, you can consider new services that may help to overcome the obstacles you are facing; you may find that Spiro is the answer to your company’s sales needs, or perhaps that altering sales targets can help to boost morale – examine your options, and choose a route forward that you think will work for your company.

#3 – SEO

Thanks to algorithm updates, regularly auditing your existing SEO strategies to ensure they are still producing results is definitely a must for all business owners. If things aren’t quite going to plan, then it may be time to experiment with and test new ideas, or even contact an SEO specialist to help turn things around.

#4 – Regulatory and legal compliance

Similarly to SEO, regulatory and legal requirements with which your company has to comply will likely change or update frequently. To ensure you’re always on the right side of the regulations, taking the time to audit your overall compliance – making any changes where necessary – is highly recommended, so you can avoid any penalties or issues further down the line.

In conclusion

With six month audits of all of the above business audits, you should be able to keep your business on track – and chart a strong course for strong growth and success in the future.

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