While just about everyone enjoys music to some degree, we all know at least one person who lives and breathes it. They can be identified by their shelves full of records and how they’re always seen walking around with headphones on. If there’s a holiday or a birthday coming up for a music lover in your life, here are four gift ideas that will have them singing a happy tune.




There’s so much to be said about the history of the music. From the Baroque composers to the rise of hip-hop, music is an endlessly fascinating subject. Think about what kind of music the person you’re getting the gift for likes the most and try to find books on the subject. Should there be a particular group or artist that you know they really admire, a book by or about them could be the perfect gift. You might try reading it at the same time so you can discuss it with them.


New Speakers


Some music lovers are known as “audiophiles” based on how seriously they take the quality of their sound equipment. You can really impress a music lover by getting them new audio speaker systems. The best systems are sophisticated models that let each note and instrument ring out with absolute clarity. Get information about as many different models as possible, asking other audio experts about what kind of speakers would be best.




Being able to experience a live concert in person is one of the greatest joys of any music lover. Songs that you love hearing at home can take on an entirely new meaning when heard in an arena or concert hall with hundreds of other fans. Look for tickets in your area to shows that you’re confident the music lover would appreciate. Sharing this experience can help you to understand just how much music means to them.




Not all music lovers play music, but there’s definitely a connection between the two. If the music lover has ever spoken about a desire to play music, you can be the one who helps them get started. It doesn’t take any special skill to get started. One just needs to be enthusiastic and willing to stay consistent with their practice.


People become music lovers because they appreciate the freedom of expression that the medium provides. Show music lovers how much you understand their passion by considering these gifts. They’re likely to be not only impressed but also touched by how much you care about their interests.

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