Some businesses sell their products all over the world, but for others, there’s a goldmine to be made by tapping the customers in their own backyard. In fact, for many companies including ones that offer services and perishable, items the best customers are ones that can be found locally, something that means it they get their crucial to get your local marketing and PR efforts right. A topic you can read more on below.

Local engagement through social media

While it’s great that we can use our online presence to connect and engage potential customers from all over the world, it’s also wise to remember that doing the same for local people is a smart idea as well.

Of course, the key here is to find connections with local companies and groups that are good potential customers, as well as go for a more subtle approach including PR and customer service efforts rather than direct selling. After all, your aim is to engage and befriend the locals, not put them off.

Local SEO

Optimizing your website to be found locally is a big deal, not least because the way that major search engine like Google now operates means that those businesses that display geotags are much more likely to be rocketed to the top of the list!

Of course, getting SEO right can be a tricky job, and when you throw in the local element, it can make it even more challenging. That is why many people choose a professional company to do their local SEO for them. Something that frees them up to focus on their business, yet still ensures their company will gain all the advantages of being optimized for local searches.

Local IRL advertising

Don’t forget that while your online marketing and PR efforts are essential, your real life ones are as well. In fact, there are many things you can do in the real world to boost your sales locally. These include targeting local publications and placing adverts in them, along with coupons if appropriate.

Additionally, it may be an old school method, but there is still some value in creating flyers and distributing these at events, or in places with a high density of people that fit your demographic such as shipping centers, and car parks. After all, they do get the job done.

Show your local neighborhood you are invested

The thing about successful local marketing is that it’s not just about demonstrating what services and products are available for people living in the area, but it’s also about generating positive regard for your brand locally as well.

Luckily, there are tactics you can use to assist you with this. One in particular that can be effective is to get behind and sponsor a local event, or organization. The reason being that this shows your business is invested in the areas in which it operates, and that you are trying to build lasting links rather than it just being a sell and run type situation.

Of course, if you choose your event or organizations carefully with charities and sports games being particularly effective, you can get some excellent marketing as well as PR from the situation too. Both of which will help to boost your local reputation and your local sales.


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