When you’re coming up on your anniversary, you want to find the perfect gift that your special someone will keep for years and be reminded of your love every time they look at it. Chocolates and flowers are great, but there are some gifts that will last much longer. Take a look at these five gifts that will put a smile on your sweetheart’s face and a maybe even have some functional use.

Framed Record of Major Events on Your Wedding Day

You have a record of all of your guests at your wedding, but do you know what happened throughout the world on the same day. You might share your anniversary with a celebrity couple’s wedding and not even know it. Or maybe you got married on the same day that one of your favorite music artists released an album. You can put it together yourself or find a company to do it for you.

Question-a-Day Journal

Nothing brings couples closer together than spending time together, and a question-a-day journal offers couples the opportunity to learn about each other through questions. Otherwise, you could even make your own journal.


This classic anniversary gift takes many forms, and it’s not just for the ladies. You can give a necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, cufflinks, or many other types of jewelry to your loved one whether they’re a man or a woman. You can’t go wrong with diamond earrings and gold bracelets—they are classic for a reason. Don’t be afraid to browse outside the norm. You can find inspiration in unique online shops and boutiques for new ideas.

Personalized, Quirky Gifts

If you and your spouse have unique tastes, don’t feel like you need to go with cookie-cutter gifts. For instance, why not get something that has both of your names on it. It could be a sign with a clever play on words or some wall art. Be creative if that’s what gets your heart fluttering.

A Love Note

Picking out a card requires some effort, and you might want to give your spouse something more, but your spouse will keep a love note from you for a lot longer than you might realize. Imagine capturing the giddy love you felt when you first started dating. You can experience a small part of that again when you tell all about the things that you think but haven’t taken the time to express in many years.

Anniversaries are the time to find ways of expressing your love that will make an impression. You can find many types of gifts, but try to incorporate your tastes as a couple so that you find something that your loved one will feel truly connected to.