Perhaps you’ve always wanted to enjoy a beautiful backyard space, but your backyard happens to link with another home’s yard. This can make throwing entertainment parties rather difficult because you feel pressured to invite the entire neighborhood to your home. If you want to be able to throw private parties in your backyard, then you should consider these four methods of making your backyard more private.


When it comes to privacy, nothing quite beats the fence. Whether you still want to see around or you want to block the view entirely, you can receive an effective fence from a local shop, like F & W Fence Company, Inc., that can entirely privatize your backyard. Fences can also be a great way to add security to your home and ensure that both your children and pets don’t wander off where they don’t belong.

Enclosed Gazebo

Another method you might want to consider is having a gazebo that’s enclosed. In this space, you can do all of your entertaining and not have to worry about nosy neighbors looking in on what’s happening in your yard. Gazebos also happen to look great and can add a touch of beautiful landscaping to your home. You can also fit comfortable furniture into the gazebo to make it a cozy space because the roof keeps the furniture protected from rain and snow.

Entertainment Shed

Perhaps you’ve heard of the she-shed or a shed that is used as a workstation or separate man cave, but you can build or transform your current shed into an entertaining space. Think of it as a separate room from your house where all of the sports-watching, barbecuing, and just general socializing can happen. The sturdy walls will keep the neighbors out of your business.


For those who want to make their backyard private in a natural way, you can never go wrong with planting trees. Not only can this add some beautiful green colors to your yard, but it can effectively keep your yard separate from those around you. If you’re worried about planting baby trees and waiting for them to grow, you can opt instead for a full-grown tree that can be easily re-planted in your yard.

Your backyard is your private property. If you feel like it’s a bit more public than you enjoy, then you should consider these four ways to privatize your backyard for your own enjoyment.

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