There are a number of ways you can try to get more leads for your law firm. However, just getting any leads isn’t going to yield the best return on your investment. Instead, you want to generate more qualified leads, resulting in a greater turnover and higher profits for your law firm. Let’s learn how to generate more qualified leads for your law firm and make your law firm more successful.

Perform Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Firm Based on Hard Data

In-depth keyword research can show you what searches your site shows up for relative to those your target demographic is using. There’s no point in a London, UK solicitor coming up in search results for New London in the United States. In cases like this, more location-based references in your content and profile will help.

When you perform keyword research, you may learn which terms you need to add to your website or should remove. You may need to add full-length questions and answers to your website to target people actively searching for a solicitor while filtering out those doing casual research on a topic. Adding the most heavily searched terms as headings on your web pages and the meta description of each page will increase their ranking in the search results.

Work with Lead Generation Firms

Working with lead generation companies can be another way to get qualified leads. But these can be tricky. Finding a company that can provide highly qualified leads can be difficult. Some won’t really divulge how they get leads or where they get them from. Others won’t do much to qualify those leads besides having them go through a generic form.

A good case acquisition company will perform detailed research on multiple marketing channels and key search terms to maximize the value of the leads they send to you. This firm, for instance, will track conversion rates of various types of content, online marketing campaigns and websites to determine what tactics result in the best converting leads. They will pre-qualify leads through initial intake sessions using customized questions and a qualification process that will include some of your specifications.

They will also go the extra mile and sign agreements on your behalf. They will then send retained plaintiffs over complete with important documents so you can start working on their cases right away. This is the kind of service you want if you really want to get actual cases, and not just a list of random names and phone numbers.

Create Great Content

Search engines prioritize content that answers searchers’ questions. Search engines reward useful, relevant and authoritative content. Fortunately, law firms are qualified to write authoritative content, and mentioning their legal credentials in the content they create is both a way to add authority to the content and an excellent place to advertise their business.

Building quality leads for any law firm takes time, but it is achievable if you have the right team in your corner and are ready to do the legwork. Make sure that you follow our advice if you want to start building a steady stream of solid leads for your services.