When we go away, we all like the idea of getting stuck into new adventures. That’s all part of the fun of stepping out of our comfort zones. How else could we ever have experiences which enrich our existence?

The trouble is that, even on vacation, we tend to have limits on how far we’re willing to take this adventure thing. Many of us, for example, draw the line at options like sleeping under the stars. It’s great to get lost in the nature of a new place, but you don’t want to sleep in it. You’d rather have a hotel room any day of the week.

Sadly, this attitude can lead to us missing out on valuable experiences. Sure, camping gets a bad rep. We imagine mud under our nails and being unable to sleep. But, the reality couldn’t be more different. Done right, it’s possible to get stuck into nature and still retain some level of luxury. That’s the best way to get the most of your experience, and you can keep reading to find out how it’s possible.

The right apparatus

The apparatus you choose for your wilderness sleeping can make a huge difference. The idea of a one-person, exposed tent is far from your only option. Even if you do want to invest in tent life for a little while, there are plenty of better options on the market. Some of these even come complete with spacious compartments and entrance halls, for goodness sake. Equally, caravans don’t have to be all fold out beds and cramped conditions. If you look around, you’ll find there are plenty of added benefits of a luxury caravan, including spacious sleeping conditions and all the mod cons. In short; taking your time with your apparatus means you might not have to rough it at all.

The right campsite

It’s also worth noting that the campsite you choose matters a great deal. Think of this like picking a hotel. You wouldn’t settle on the first one you came across and hope it’ll give you what you want, right? Nor should you be slapdash with choosing a campsite.

Options vary from the very basic to the totally kitted out. If you’re worried about conditions, it’s always worth opting for campsites with toilet blocks and washing facilities. Many even have on-site restaurants and shops. You will pay extra for these, but they alone have the power to transform your experience.

The right location

Last, you’ll want to consider the location you settle on. You may assume that wilder is better here, but that isn’t always the case. If luxury matters to you, a campsite within close proximity to amenities and towns could be your best bet. That way, you get those natural benefits while still being a short distance from everything you need. That chance to get stuck into normality during your days could make an unbelievable difference to your camping experience. It should certainly help you to appreciate your surroundings that bit more.