home security

Your home is your castle, and you’ll want to do everything possible to prevent burglars, vandals and other dangerous home invaders from breaking into your residence. Protecting your home and family doesn’t require a moat and armed turrets, however. Here are four reliable ways to fortify your home against break-ins.

Security Screens

Security screens can fit over windows and doors of different sizes and have been specially designed to be extra durable for preventing break-ins. The best screens on the market are resistant to cutting and can withstand the force of baseball bats, clubs and rocks being used on them. Some security screens are even resistant to bullets fired from guns. Most security screens nowadays have been designed to blend in well with all building exterior layouts, maintaining the classy appearance of your home without compromising on quality.

Security Shutters

Another way to prevent intruders from entering through your windows is to use security shutters as coverings. Many of the best shutters have been made to roll down over windows and can be raised whenever you desire. Some security shutters are also motorized and can be lowered or raised with the push of a button. In addition to making your home safer, these shutters can block out unwanted sunlight and reduce your energy costs. These shutters can protect against more than just burglars, however, as they are often also made to protect against hurricane-thrown debris.

Use Smart Locks

These technologically advanced locks offer cutting-edge security for homes and businesses. You can find smart locks that come with keyless entry features that allow you to lock and unlock them with Bluetooth technology. Some smart locks also use fingerprints, facial recognition or keypads instead of keys. Regardless of the type of locks that you choose to use, you can always call a company in your area that provides locksmith services if you ever have trouble entering your home. The best method is to have a locksmith install the system in the first place, ensuring that you have access to a professional who is familiar with that particular system.

Add Some Motion Sensor Lights

You can find both indoor and outdoor motion sensor light for sale that automatically turn on when someone walks by them. Some lights can even detect when a person comes within 15 feet of them. These motion sensor lights can be placed near all your entrances and walkways as well as in indoor areas such as your hallways, bedrooms and closets. Certain lights come with eco-friendly bulbs that last for thousands of hours. While these won’t stop a bullet or a baseball bat, motion-activated lights have proven to be an effective deterrent to criminals who don’t want to draw attention to themselves when they approach your home.

You can safeguard your family and possessions better with the right additions to your home’s defenses. These additions will give you extra peace of mind and help your premises stay secure around the clock. When the safety of your home and family are on the line, it’s essential that you do your research to provide the very best protection possible.