With the hot temperatures of the summer nearly upon you, it’s important to ensure that your house is prepared to keep you cool. A home that isn’t successfully insulated can allow cool air to escape outside. This can drive up your energy bill in turn. Instead of just throwing money out of the window, you should utilize these four tips for insulating your home. Besides saving a bit of money on your energy bill, you’ll also actually be able to feel cool.


One of the easiest installations that you can make to improve the insulation of your home is to attach blinds or roller shutters to your windows. These two products effectively block out the sun from entering your home. The sun alone can add in additional heat wherever it touches. It also tends to bleach out carpet and furniture if exposed to it for a long period of time. With blinds and shutters attached to the window, you can keep out the sun and the heat.

Caulking Windows And Doors

Another tip for keeping the cool air within your home is to ensure that your windows and doors and don’t have any spaces. With the changing temperatures between winter and summer, your house shifts a lot in response. This can cause your windows and doors to bend slightly out of their frames. With these gaps comes an opportunity for cool air to escape outside. An easy fix for this is to simply caulk or close these gaps.

Actual Insulation

Of course, the best insulation is actual insulation. There are many different types of insulation out there. You can easily choose the best that fits for your home and for your needs. You should have it professionally installed, however, as it can be easier than you might realize to install insulation incorrectly.

Remove Rugs

Rugs were originally made to heat the floors during the times without modern heating. However, in the summer, it also traps the heat. An easy way to keep heat from building up in your home is to remove the rugs. The hard floor, be it wood, cement, laminate, or tile, will keep your home far cooler than carpet or rugs.

You shouldn’t have to lose money due to your energy bill because of improper insulation in your home. These tips can help you keep that air from escaping outside.