Leading a healthier lifestyle generally entails making one of two (or two of two) changes to your general lifestyle. You can improve your diet and/or you can intensify your exercise regime. Both of these methods are extremely effective and they tend to be the healthiest way to keep extra weight at bay and keep you fit and in shape! For the moment, let’s focus on altering your diet.

The best diet is a balanced diet. This means eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day, basing your meals around starchy food and carbs (such as pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes), and opting for minimal levels of saturated fats and oils. You should also incorporate sufficient protein into the mixed (consider plant-based protein – it doesn’t have to come from meat), consume dairy or calcium packed alternatives, and keeping fatty or sugary foods as an occasional treat. 

If you’re looking to reach a healthy weight fast, you may want to consider following more strict diets that are specially designed to shed excess weight fast.

Check In With Your Doctor

First things first, check in with your doctor. You shouldn’t make any major alterations to your diet and routine without first running things by a medical professional. They will be able to measure your BMI, make recommendations, and ensure that you are only engaging with diets that are suitable for you as an individual.

What Is a Keto Diet?

So, what actually is a keto diet? Well, keto diets were originally created when people took inspiration from fasting. This is a process that people have been practicing for centuries. It involves abstaining from food for set periods of time and often results in weight loss, as the body isn’t receiving the fuel that it requires to function effectively.

While extended fasting is generally inadvisable, certain forms of fasting have been documented to come hand in hand with various health benefits. When the body doesn’t receive sufficient food, it naturally enters into a state of ketosis. Within this process, fat supplies are used for energy rather than the carbohydrates that are often supplied by food.

As we have mentioned and need to emphasize, though, starving yourself is detrimental to your health. So, how can you encourage your body to enter a state of ketosis without simply depriving yourself of fuel and energy? Well, this is where keto comes into play. Keto is short for “ketogenic” and a ketogenic diet is a form of eating that will actively encourage you to consume low calorie and carb food products with higher levels of fat.

When your body requires energy, it will burn the fat from your diet and then move onto reserves of fat in your body to supply itself with sufficient energy to function. Burning fat can mean reduced weight, reduced measurements (such as a smaller waist, smaller thighs, or smaller chest), and a potentially healthier lifestyle!


Of course, you can experience fatigue while your body gets used to this new means of fuelling itself. It may wait to be supplied with carbohydrates rather than immediately turning to reserve fat supplies for fuel. Our bodies also produce BHB as an extra source of energy, but this can take a little time.

The good news is that you can avoid fatigue while on a keto diet by taking BHB as a supplement while you wait for your body to produce it naturally of its own accord. BHB stands for beta-hydroxybutyrate and is a ketone body that is produced by the liver. It is derived from fat and is used by our bodies for energy when there is no glucose available.


Of course, when a diet is high in fat, you may worry that it could impact your cholesterol. Many of us would assume that a keto diet would increase our cholesterol. But this isn’t actually true. In fact, this high-fat, low-carb diet can actually optimize your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health!

Remember that you should conduct plenty of research into any diet before trying it out yourself. You should also check in with a medical professional who will be able to survey you as an individual and determine whether any given diet is a good idea or not. This will all help to keep you safe, fit, and healthy. You can also gain a lot more information in the process, ensuring that you make the best decision for your health at every stage in your journey!

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