As kids make the transition from young child to teenager, a lot of parents will assume that their work is drawing to a close. While they won’t need you to play with them, help with their schoolwork, or entertain their friends, though, they will still need you for a range of other jobs.

One of the biggest of these is always transport. As their social lives start to bloom, they will want to spend more and more time away from home, but getting to their destinations will be hard without a little bit of help. To help you to avoid becoming the nominated taxi driver for your family, this post will be exploring some alternative transport options which can give your kids the power the move themselves.

A Bus Pass

While they can’t drive themselves, a kid will always have to rely on other people to get them around when they are embarking on longer journeys. Going between towns on foot can take a long time, and this could make it very hard for your kids to see their friends when they are out of school.

To solve this issue, providing them with a local bus pass can be an easy way to avoid transporting them all the time. While this will cost a fair bit, it will be a lot cheaper than having them pay for tickets each day, especially if they can’t get returns.

Electric Vehicles

Over the last few years, electric vehicles have taken the world by storm. There are loads of companies out there making products which fall into this category, and they all offer something unique to their riders.

Looking at a hoverboard website or two, you’ll quickly get an idea of how affordable these items can be. This makes them great for young people, as they don’t have to be too worried about using them. Of course, as one of the key benefits of something like this, you don’t need a license to get on the road with something low-powered and electric.


There are a lot of cases where transporting themselves or using public options simply won’t work for your kid. Instead, they will need an adult with a car, and this will usually mean that you will have to get your keys. With a little bit of organization, though, this issue can be solved with a little bit of a compromise.

As long as you live close to at least one or two of their friends, you can coordinate your child’s outings to share the load between parents. This can reduce the amount everyone has to drive, while also giving your kids the chance to spend a little more time with the people they care about.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of transporting your kids without having to get behind the wheel. As your children get older, it makes sense to give them more control over their movement, especially if you live somewhere very rural.

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