A lush, green lawn is a hallmark of a beautiful yard, but this space would look bland without gorgeous flowerbeds and herb gardens placed in strategic locations. By analyzing your yard with an unbiased eye, you can determine if flowerbeds would enhance your yard and where the most ideal location for these features is. After deciding on a location, walk through these steps to take your yard’s appeal to the next level.

Install Hardscape Features

Most herb gardens and flowerbeds are delineated by a hardscape border. In many cases, this border is comprised of natural stone or bricks. They may be stacked on top of each other and cemented together, placed adjacent to each other or installed in other attractive ways. While you can complete hardscape installation on your own, this project may be more labor-intensive than you may initially believe. In addition, this will become a permanent addition to your yard and will impact property value. With this in mind, hiring a professional to install hardscape borders is a smart idea in many cases.

Choose the Right Vegetation

Once your borders are in place, you are ready to prepare the areas with rich soil as well as a weed control material. When selecting vegetation, pay attention to soil conditions and sunlight exposure. Selecting flowers, bushes and herbs that are native to the area may reduce maintenance and care needs. Focus on spacing as well as the plants’ height at maturity when determining spacing.

Add Mulch Periodically

Your flowerbeds or herb gardens will not look complete without adding a fresh layer of mulch to the surface. While mulch has aesthetic benefits, it also helps the soil retain moisture and can deter weed growth. Mulch is an organic material that will eventually decompose and lose its luster. Scheduling residential mulch services regularly is a convenient way to keep your beds and gardens looking great throughout the seasons.

If you currently feel as though your yard is missing a critical element, that element may be beautiful gardens and flowerbeds. These features add character and color to your space. They can soften up the landscape, and the right vegetation can even enrich your yard with wonderful scents. Adding flowerbeds and gardens is not a step to take lightly. Your efforts will have a permanent impact on the yard, so take time to research and plan these features. Seek professional assistance for any stages of the project that you are not comfortable working on yourself.