For first-time parents, the task of baby-proofing an entire home can seem like a monumental challenge. There are dozens of different ways to make a house more comfortable and safe for a baby, so prospective moms and dads shouldn’t hesitate to do research online, read books, and ask for advice from others. Preparing for the baby’s arrival months in advance and following a few basic tips can make everything much simpler.

Prepare Pets for the Transition

Even the friendliest dog or cat can injure a newborn baby accidentally, and there’s always a risk that the animal may lash out at a baby in frustration or self-defense. That’s why prospective parents should prepare their pets for the transition ahead of time by limiting their access to the baby’s room, as well as other select areas of the home. Some pet owners also condition their animals to respond positively to baby sounds by playing recordings for them in the weeks leading up to birth.

Secure Household Hazards

Modern homes are littered with potential hazards for babies. Parents should insert covers into empty electrical sockets around the home, move all dangerous chemicals to secured cabinets, and move all furniture with sharp corners or edges. It’s also a good idea to remove locks from the doors and install latches onto toilet lids so they can’t be opened easily.

Clean the Entire House

Preparing for a baby isn’t like a normal spring cleaning. Newborns can be extremely sensitive to allergens and germs, so new parents should make their home like new. Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed and steam cleaned to remove any residual debris. It’s also a good idea to clean furniture, blankets, curtains, and other fabric surfaces. Disinfectants are essential for killing germs, but parents have to make sure they don’t leave traces of chemical cleaners behind where the baby can reach.

Maintain the Heating and Air System

Prospective parents should also find reliable residential heating maintenance services for full inspection and maintenance of their HVAC unit. Heating and air systems have a direct impact on air quality throughout the home. Dust, mold, or dirt in the system or ducts can have a negative impact on the baby’s health, so it’s best to hire a professional to check everything out when possible.

Virtually all new parents are worried about giving their children a happy and healthy environment to grow up in. While a little anxiety is completely normal, being prepared and informed makes the entire process a lot safer and less stressful.