We want our children to be healthy and happy in life, but we also want them to be the best version of them as possible. A lot of it has to do with how we raise them, but we realize after a while, they have their own personalities and thoughts and feelings, so we have to learn how to nurture these things.

As our children get older, they can choose a path in life that may not be necessarily the right one. It’s our goal to ensure they are good people, and that they are well-rounded individuals. And this can be a very mammoth task. As such, are there any real solutions to this?

Is their education as best as can be?

So many children are under pressure these days to perform in school. But we have to remember that it’s not just the children facing the pressure, it’s the teachers as well. So what is the answer? Do we take it up with the teachers directly, or do we go further?

It’s very much dependent on your community, but if there are issues in the school, you could move your child to another one, but this can remove them from everything they know in life. It may be better to help the school get the support it needs.

You could donate, or implement a more community-minded approach to helping the school so they have the necessary facilities. If you’re wondering where to donate to teachers, there are a few resources online, but if the school itself is struggling and is due for a makeover, it’s worth getting in contact with the local authorities. A better school means a better education, which means a well-rounded child.

Encouraging their extracurricular activities

A lot of children like to stay at home and do nothing, and from one perspective, if they are doing too much in school, we can’t blame them for wanting to kick back now and again, but it’s a very delicate balance.

Extracurricular activities doesn’t mean doing every drama and sports activity under the sun, instead, it might be better to instill a sense of purpose in them by helping out in the local community, like volunteering, or working in a charity shop or thrift store. These little things can help to instill a better sense of purpose and motivation.

Improving the family unit

And if we want our children to be better people, we could end up forcing them to go in the opposite direction of what we want from them. After all, our children don’t particularly want to listen to us, and so, perhaps the solution is more about being a solid family unit?

It’s a very hard thing to maintain now, especially as we are all so busy. But if we have concerns about our children going off the rails, we’ve got to begin at home. Perhaps they are doing too much in school, or they’re feeling the pressure to perform in other ways, but if we don’t provide that solid family foundation, how can we expect them to go out into the big wide world with all of the tools?