Spring is a fickle season. Whether there’s a threat of hail or the promise of sun, it’s best to be prepared for anything. Of course, everyone prefers the sun so here are four ways to make use of sunshine when it appears. Try some new activities this season to help you get out of your winter rut. If you follow these suggestions, rain or shine, this spring will definitely be memorable.

Visit a Botanical Garden

Gardeners are probably the most excited when it comes to springtime. But even if you aren’t one for mud, planting and outdoor chores, it’s hard to escape the desire for plants and flowers. Visiting a botanical garden is one of the best ways to observe nature’s transformation without getting your boots muddy. Some of Australia’s 140 botanical gardens feature walking trails, and practically all of them exhibit flowers from around the world. Not only will you see new flowers and formal landscapes but you might even have the chance to crash an outdoor wedding or two.

Search for Wildflowers

If formal gardens aren’t your thing, then explore the great outdoors. Take the back roads and off-roads to seek out wildflowers at numerous national parks along the Sunshine Coast. You can even make the adventure more adventurous if you ride out there on a motorcycle. You will get around faster, make easier stops and feel the wind whip by. If you are an amateur wildflower seeker, there are online guides to Australia’s quirky flowers. If you are an amateur motorcyclist, then you can brush up your skills or learn from the very beginning through services like q ride. Camping trips can also be a great way to get connected with nature. You can make the camping trip memorable by getting a group of friends together and including a scenic hike.

Add Green to Your Meals

Soups, stews and oatmeal make way for lighter fare in the springtime. Spring greens can withstand sudden freezes and are often the first vegetables to emerge with the sun. Greens are the perfect healthy side dish when you fire up the barbecue pit. You can add fresh greens to morning eggs or blend them into smoothies. You can almost taste the sun in these green leafy vegetables. Lighter meals, like salads, will also probably sound extra appealing during those warmer months. Listen to your body’s cravings and eat with the season.

Switch up Your Brew

Your meals aren’t the only thing on your table that’s ready for some spring time changes. If you are dining or drinking al fresco, then heavy ales and thick stouts are simply inappropriate. Keep those beverages indoors. Outside, switch over to lagers and fruit infused ales. They will complement your leafy greens and still pair well with seared steak.

Recreational activities abound in the spring. With more time spent outdoors, why not lighten the mood, take some risks and embrace the sunshine? Make your spring memorable by embracing warmer weather activities and even consider branching out from your norm.