Relaxing and harnessing creativity is not always an easy task, especially in a world of high-stress jobs and demanding lifestyles. However, with a bit of willpower and a commitment to improving your mental health, learn how to better relax and inspire creativity in your everyday life.


Meditation is no longer reserved for Buddhist monks and those who choose to live a life of silence. Today, meditation has been implemented in schools across the world while providing individuals interested in the technique with guided videos and audiobooks. Meditating for at least 10 minutes each day can significantly reduce stress while helping you relax and simply enjoy your current surroundings.

Relaxing Music and Soundscapes

One of the greatest tools to utilize when you are in need of serious relaxation is YouTube (or another online video community). Create playlists that include relaxing music, soundscapes, and even ASMR content (depending on your preferences). Relaxing music can help set the mood whether you are planning to indulge in a new hobby or if you simply want to read and make the most of your downtime.

Medical Marijuana/Cannabis for Anxiety

Using medical marijuana (cannabis) for anxiety is a great naturopathic way to relax and unwind without absorbing or ingesting potentially harmful chemicals in the body. Using marijuana is a way to not only alleviate stress, but increase creativity in the mind–allowing you to think outside of the box. With a variety of strains available on the market, choose a Sativa marijuana strand to invoke creativity without feeling sleepy.

Learn a New Hobby

Consider learning a new hobby and getting creative with various tools that are unfamiliar to you. Have you ever wanted to update old furniture or use a woodburning tool? Do you enjoy coloring and want to learn how to paint mandalas for relaxation? Research tutorials and guides available online for your preferred hobby to learn more about getting started during your downtime. Attend local workshops or join online groups to share your creative ideas and creations with others who have a genuine interest in the medium you have chosen.

Relaxing and getting creative is a great way to lift your mood and boost your spirit. Whether you are in need of a break from work or your family life or if you simply want to dive into unknown talents you hold, knowing how to properly relax and indulge in your creative nature is a must.

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