Moving into a new home can be a wonderful and memorable experience; however, it is also a time when you may need to do some home maintenance. Here are five tips for maintaining your new home.

Install New Locks

Installing a new deadbolt will give you peace of mind. You can do this task yourself, if you feel confident, or hire a locksmith. There is a chance you might not know when the locks were last changed when moving into a previously owned home, so play it safe.

Check for Plumbing Leaks

Another maintenance step is to check for plumbing leaks. This is usually done during a home inspection but it is always good to do this yourself. Look for dripping faucets and check your water heater for signs of a leak.

Steam Clean Your Carpets

After moving into a home, steam-clean your carpets. This maintenance step can be done by you, a professional carpet cleaning service or by renting a steam cleaner at your local home improvement store or grocery store. This is an important step if you are moving into an older home, or even a newly built home.

Wipe down Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Another maintenance step is to wipe down your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom before you put your supplies in the cabinets. Wipe them down inside and out and place contact paper on the shelves if needed.

Find Your Circuit Breaker

It is also important, once you have moved in, to find your circuit breaker box and main water valve. It’s always a good idea to find out which fuses control various parts of your home and then label them. It is also very important to know how to turn off your main water valve; especially if you have a plumbing emergency. Locate the valve, which could be inside of outside your home and then turn the knob until it is off.

Why Is Home Maintenance Important?

Home maintenance is important for several reasons such as keeping your home running smoothly and efficiently. To keep your home tidy and clean, maintenance needs to be done routinely. In addition, home maintenance increases the value of your home.

By taking care of your home with proper cleaning, painting when necessary, checking the roof for damage or repair and other maintenance tasks, your work will add value and beauty to your home. Find additional information about maintenance your new home may need from your real estate agent or several online home improvement websites.

To conclude, moving into a new home can be a wonderful and memorable time. Follow the above tips and suggestions for new home maintenance and enjoy your new home.

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