Do you love inviting friends and family over for a nice, home-cooked meal? Or, maybe you enjoy hosting a neighborhood game night. Maybe, you live for summer BBQs and showing off your skills on the grill. If you love entertaining and are looking for ideas to make your home the perfect gathering spot for your friends and family, then look no further. Below are four ideas you can use to make your home a hot spot for entertaining.

Get a Hot Tub

Your home will be the literal hot spot for entertaining if you buy a new, luxurious hot tub for your back yard or deck. You can invite friends over for a relaxing evening in the hot tub. Your friends will love sipping a glass of wine or munching on some snacks while enjoying the warm, relaxing water. Be sure to find a hot tub that is large enough to accommodate enough people so no one has to be left out of the party. If you are looking for somewhere that has a large selection of hot tubs, you can check out local shops, like Marquis Spas. Your shop is sure to have the perfect hot tub to meet your entertaining needs.

Remodel Your Kitchen

You’ve probably noticed that people tend to gather in the kitchen. Sharing a meal, chatting over drinks or appetizers, or being nearby when someone is cooking, all make kitchens a popular location. To make your home a better space for entertaining, consider remodeling your kitchen. This may mean a complete overhaul of the space, or it may simply mean putting a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and wall, adding some new lighting, and putting up some attractive art.

Install a Fire-Pit

Nothing says summer like s’mores made fresh over a fire. Buy a fire pit along with some comfy lawn furniture, and then invite your friends over for a fun night around the fire. A fire pit can also make outdoor entertaining more possible as the weather gets a little cooler as the fire can also keep you and your guests warm.

Create a Media and Game Room

Your guests will never want to leave your house if you have a media room. Consider purchasing a big screen TV or a projector and a screen. Buy a large sectional sofa with recliners so your guests can get comfortable and put their feed up. Find a fun popcorn maker to add to the ultimate movie-watching experience. You can also purchase a few arcade games, a Foosball table, or a pool table to complete the space.