The brutal winter season is almost over, which means it is time to get ready for spring. Cold temperatures can wreck havoc on your yard, but it is fairly easy to get it back in good shape. These are the five best ways to prepare your yard for spring.

Clean Up Yard Debris

Trees and plants die in extreme temperatures, so your yard is likely filled with leaves, branches and other debris. The first step to getting your yard ready for spring is removing these unwanted items. If there is a lot of debris in the yard, then you may want to consider a dumpster rental. This will make the cleanup process a lot easier and prevent you from filling up your home trash cans.

Fertilize the Lawn

While most of your grass will be able to survive the winter, there will likely be a few dead patches in the lawn. Fertilizing these dead spots late in the winter is the only way to make the grass look great in spring. Make sure to wait until the weather is at least 55 degrees before fertilizing.

Trim the Trees

There is a very good chance your trees have dead branches after a harsh winter season. Since you do not want these branches falling to the ground, they must be trimmed before the start of spring. In addition to keeping your property protected from falling branches, trimming the trees will also improve the overall look of your yard.

Remove Dead Flowers and Weeds

Annual flowers are a great way to enhance the appearance of any yard, but they are unable to survive the winter. Since these plants are not going to bloom again, removing them before the start of spring is a great idea. You will also want to remove any unwanted weeds at the same time before they have time to come back to life.

Get the Tools Ready

Maintaining a beautiful yard throughout the year is a lot of work, but it is even harder without the right tools. This is the perfect time to sharpen the shears and tune up the mower. Failing to check your tools now is just going to delay your important yard work this spring.

Few things are more exciting than watching the yard come back to life after a long winter. If you take the time to plan ahead now, then you will not have to wait long for your yard to become revitalized this spring.