Being a working parent can be tough, as you’re always on the clock, whether it’s fulfilling your obligation to your employer or caring for your kids. If you’re a working parent, you might be feeling some guilt about not being able to give your kids as much attention as you’d like. However, just because you’re not with your kids at all hours of the day doesn’t mean that you can’t come through for them. These are three benefits working parents can give their kids.

Give them structure

When you’re a working parent, you need to plan as hard as possible to make sure your kids are taken care of, even when you’re not around. When you’re planning out their schedules, you need to be thinking weeks, if not months, in advance. If you have a partner, they should be taking on their share of the parenting as well. This could mean doing after-school pickup or taking care of dinner on night’s when you’re busy. The time  you have together tends to be more meaningful. Whether it’s a structured activity or morning cuddles, it is appreciated. A Harvard University study shows the benefits kids with working moms. One of the many benefits was better attitudes towards working women as the children grow up. Even if both parents work, you can still come together to be great parents.

Improved language skills

You might consider seeking extra help to take care of your kids. A nanny agency can be of great assistance. Not only does it help you find a professional with whom you can trust your kids, but it could also help them with learning another language. Should you kids be enrolled in a language immersion school, you can hire a nanny who speaks that language to help them develop their conversational skills. Even if they go to a more typical school, they can still gain a stronger understanding of other languages and cultures. When looking for a nanny to hire, specify that you’re looking for ones who would be able to help your kids in this area.

Teach them to never give up

Not too long ago, there was a widespread notion that you had to choose between being a parent or having a career. That myth has thankfully been debunked, but it can still be challenging to juggle the two duties. As a working parent, you can show your kids that the most worthwhile things in life require patience to achieve, but they’re absolutely worth it.

As a working parent, you should not be admonished by anyone. You are putting in more effort than your critics would ever dream of. Your kids are also able to learn from your example to become the best possible versions of themselves. As a working parent, you deserve to be given as much respect as anyone else.

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