Swimming pools are a popular addition to any home, especially when kids live there or frequently come to visit. Of course, safety is also a major concern when kids go swimming, so it is important to have a good safety plan for a swimming pool, and to have that plan in place before opening the pool for the first time. These tips are simple, affordable, and very reliable.

Designating Swimming Buddies

The “buddy system” is a proven technique for providing safety for all swimmers, regardless of age. It is simple: Each person is paired off with another person, and they keep an eye on each other. Drowning can take place even in the middle of a crowd, so this simple step of accountability can prove to be a life-saver.

Establishing Fencing

Children can be in danger when they are supposed to be in the pool, but in many ways the danger is greater when they are not supposed to be in the pool. Kids should be supervised during swimming time, but the pool becomes more dangerous when children go to the pool unannounced. This makes it essential to have adequate fencing with effective childproof locks.

Installing Alarms

Excluding kids from the pool is very important, but so is a backup plan. Should kids get past the fence and gates, a pool alarm can notify adults of the situation immediately. Floating pool alarms are simple devices that detect movement in the water’s surface. When something is picked up, the alarm activates a siren that is loud enough to be heard inside the house, alerting adults of the situation.

Providing Basic Rescue Equipment

A lifeguard isn’t necessary for simple emergencies in the pool, but a few pieces of equipment can be all it takes to save a life. Rescue rings and poles can help troubled swimmers reach safety without posting additional danger to the rescuer, and the effect of buoyancy makes it possible for smaller kids to help older ones. Keeping this equipment on hand is a vital step toward safe pool use.

As a further safety measure, make sure to hire a reliable company, like Elite Pools, to construct your new backyard addition. A highlight of summer is time spent at the pool, especially for kids. The sound of splashing water and the smell of sunscreen is almost magical. And it’s simple for everyone to enjoy the final product when they use common-sense techniques to keep kids safe.

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