With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may start feeling the pressure about what to do or give to show your love to your significant other. While flowers and chocolates are staples of the holiday, you want to go above and beyond. After all, your sweetheart deserves something special. To really make them smile and feel special this holiday, consider these four unconventional ways to prove your love and devotion.

Remodeling a Room

Has your partner ever complained about a room in the home? One incredible way to surprise them is to renovate that room. While you don’t need to gut everything, you could do a bit of painting or perhaps new flooring. Focus on the details like putting on new shutters or adding an accent wall. You know your lover well, so renovate the room according to their tastes.

Go on an Adventure

Instead of just making Valentine’s Day a single day, why not spread it over a weekend? Take your sweetheart on an adventure. One of the most romantic ways to do just this is to go on a road trip. Perhaps you have a destination in mind, but don’t afraid to be spontaneous! Go off course and visit strange roadside attractions along the way. The idea is to connect with your loved one and the best way to do that is to face the unknown together.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to make your significant other feel special, and you know they love scavenger hunts, then write a few notes down about things you love or appreciate about them. Then hide them throughout the house. When they go to do laundry, they can discover the note and feel a thrill from the discovery as well as feel touched by the words you’ve written. This is a fun way to tell your partner just how much you love them.

Start a New Hobby Together

On Valentine’s Day, why not try a new hobby out together? Whether it’s learning to paint, dance, wine taste, or even cook, this is a new hobby that you two can enjoy together, no matter what day it is. You may even discover new things about each other. Instead of just going out to dinner, why not learn how to create one together?

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to tell your loved one just how much you love them. To make sure that message remains authentic and genuine, consider one of these four ways to surprise and delight them.